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In today's ever-changing business

market, you have to be ahead of the advertising curve. 

Let's face it what worked even 5 years ago isn't going to cut it anymore. At NVS Design, we work hard to ensure we develop an advertising strategy that is sure to get your business noticed. 


It doesn't matter how strong your advertising or company image is if you don't have the right vehicles to market it effectively. Let our team help evaluate what is right for your business.


We cater each advertising strategy to each client. With proven success and strong partnerships throughout the country, NVS Design can take your business to places you could have never dreamed possible!

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Starting a company and on a tight budget? Looking for more control over your website? Look no further than Wordpress websites by NVS Design! Wordpress is one of the top web platforms for web developing for small and large companies. You can check for yourself at the Wordpress Showcase. The feature rich administration menu of Wordpress can offer you:


* Customization at a click

* Easy user management

* Blog friendly

* Entry level e-commerce

* Drag and drop simplicity

* Revision control over pages and blog posts

* Training

* And so much more

Do you have a Wordpress Website that just won’t behave? Need your layout or colors changed but don’t know how? NVS Design can help!


Our experienced staff can help you iron out those time consuming website “bugs” and even maintain your site

for you! 

Click here to view some of our websites

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At NVS Design, we like to be looked at as red-carpet worthy. With our talented and well-versed cinematographers, let us help bring your company's branding to life!


NVS Design has several packages available for any budget. No matter if you are needing  a video for something as simple as your website or as complex as a national commercial, let NVS Design add that finishing touch to your marketing and help make you a standout in the Indianapolis market.


* Please note all video shoots must be booked at least 30 days in advance with an alternate day to accommodate weather

* Any and all actors must sign a model release form

* A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at beginning of project

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The right photo can really make or break someone. At NVS Design we strive to provide the best solutions for all of your photography needs. No matter the event, be assured we will take every aspect into account to ensure you get that million dollar photo. We have one of the top photography studios in the city along with hourly rates.


For more information, contact us directly to setup a consultation and see how we can make your company the envy of its competition.


* Note that a minimum of 2 hours is required for bookings

* Must be booked 14 days in advance

* 50% of invoicing is due at beginning of project 

* NVS Design is not responsible for cancellations prior to 72 hours before the event

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We swear there is a method to the madness. A powerful tool for business, graphic design is really not an expense. It's an investment – not only in how you are perceived by your customers, but ultimately in the success of your business. NVS has been voted the best graphic design company three years running from The Indianapolis Award Program!


Quality graphic design improves your marketing materials in many ways. No matter the medium, whether it be print, video, or electronic media such as a website, good graphic design will support and enhance your message using visual language.


Image sells-at NVS Design, image happens to be our specialty.  Let our talented designers take your company’s image and turn it into something to be envious over.

Click here to view portfolio


At NVS Design we know that without a strong foundation, no matter how strong your visual image is, your business will crumble. This is where marketing comes into play. Let us help develop a one-of-a-kind-concept into something to truly be envious over.


For a business to succeed, the product or service it provides must be known to potential buyers. Unless your business is known in the community and have communication with your customers readily available, you have to use marketing strategies to create product or service awareness.


Without marketing, your potential customers may never be aware of your business offerings and your business may not be given the opportunity to progress and succeed. 


Using marketing to promote your product, service and company provides your business with a chance of being discovered by prospective customers.


For more information on how we may be of assistance with your company's current marketing strategy in the Indianapolis market please...


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NVS Design is proud to offer our clients national, regional and local spot television. Whether your business needs to reach the national or local marketplace our “on target” television recommendations effectively maximizes response to our clients’ campaigns and helps them grow their businesses. 


Connecting your marketing message with your target is no easy task. But, as anyone in the media department of our advertising agency will tell you, we’re always up for a challenge. We’re experts in all aspects of the media world, online and offline, traditional and ambient, local and national. Once your specific media mix is determined and agreed upon, our media planning and buying experts will help you move forward with marketing services that include negotiating rates and ad placement. We’re so much more than spots

and dots. 


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Radio has been an advertising staple for decades. The right radio advertising can truly paint a picture in your audience's mind. At NVS, we work hard to bring life to your Indiana business through demographic specific radio advertising. 


We have special rate programs with several of the largest radio stations in the Indianapolis area. With inclusive market research, we work hard to ensure your commercial not only hits the correct target, but that it makes an everlasting impression. 


Radio is the only non-visual medium in advertsing, so why take the risk of not making the right impression for your customers? Contact NVS Design today and take your businesses' radio presence to something to truly be envious over.

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At NVS Design, we strive to provide you with the most innovative and cost effective solutions for your businesses' marketing. With state of the art HTML 5 website design programming technology, the sky is the limit for your new website!   



* Drag & Drop Design Capabilities 

* Drop-Down Menus

* Slide Shows

* Photo Galleries 

* Electronic Forms

* Video Embedding

* Your Site Displays The Same No Matter The Device

* Search Engine Friendly

* Special Price Packages That Fit Your Needs Perfectly 

* Control Over Every Aspect Of Your Site After Completion!

Click here to view some of our websites

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At NVS Design we want nothing more than to create an image that will truly make you envied., however we understand if you have an image that works for you. 


We work hard to provide the most competitively priced and highest-quality printing and promotional materials in the market. No matter the job, be assured that NVS Design will be there every step of the way to ensure your materials turn out just as you had intended.  Let us help breathe new

life into your current marketing and

help you stand out with printing

or promotional materials from

NVS Design. 


Not sure what might work the best for you? We can help with that too!


* Free estimates available 

* Please be aware that CMYK values may vary on different runs

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Let us help turn your business into a statement in the Indianapolis area. You can't just exist in today's business world you have to have all eyes on you. With the help of out-of-the-box-ideas our creative team can make you do just that!


If you are looking for maximum exposure in Indianapolis, and its surrounding areas then look no further! Guerrilla & OOH (Out of Home) advertising is a great, and cost effective way to take your business to places you could have never dreamed of! 


Not sure what Guerrilla Marketing is? It is bascally any form of non traditional advertising that is truly a unique way to get your business noticed. To learn more information contact us for a

FREE consultation. 


* NVS Design is able to offer special billboard pricing specifically for our Indianapolis clientele

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Do you have a new product you are wanting to promote in style? Or maybe you just want to throw a bash that your friends/co-workers will never forget! At NVS Design, we are experts in event planning. Let our talented Account Coordinators take on the stress off of planning your BIG event. No matter the size we have various plans and pricing to cater to each and every scenario. 


Items include but are not limited to:

* Celebrity Booking

* Invitation design and mailing 

* Signage 

* Video and Photography 

* Club Rental

* GOBO Rental & Slide Creation

* Stop Logo-Animation 

* Table and Tent rental

* Transportation 

* DJ Services

* Catering Services

* Bartending 

* Promotional Models and Wait Staff

and much, much more

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At NVS Design we know how important it is to have the right look no matter

the occasion. 

NVS Design has access to several different demographics of models and actors all available to help make your business stand out and make an everlasting impression. 


No matter the occasion--video, print, runway or promoting one of your products--let NVS Design help ensure your image is portrayed just the way

you intended. 


* Minimum hourly package is required

* Must book at least 2 weeks in advance

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Welcome to NVS Design Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing Services!  We look forward to working with you on the success of building your businesses' online presence through PPC, Organic SEO and Blogging. 


We have several packages to choose from that you may have never thought possible for your business. With proven success and the ability to target a specific type of client the possibilites are endless. 


Let NVS Design not only help you stand out from a visual perspective but also from your competition. Good design is only the beginning and we work hard to ensure your new image is seen by as many people as possible.


Call us today for a FREE Consultation!


NVS Design is thrilled to offer solutions for all of your social media marketing needs. 


Let our talented marketing specialists help insure you get the most out of your

online presence.


NVS Design offers monthly planning for social media in addition to discounted monthly retainers starting at only: $150.00

* Facebook. With more than 1.59 billion users, Facebook comprises one of the largest blend of demographics of any social platform. We also can assist with listings in addition to integrated advertising and marketing campaigns for any of the additional social media outlets listed below. 

* Twitter

* LinkedIn

* Instagram

* Pinterest

* YouTube

* Yelp

* Yellow Pages 

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NVS Design in partnership with 




Time for a change? Wrapcision has been a top Vehicle Wrap provider since 2001. Specializing in Exotics, Luxury, Trucks, Racing, Watercraft, Tinting, Fleet, Retail, and PPF.

We are a Certified Vehicle Wrap provider with over 20 years of experience and multiple industry certifications. Wrapcision specializes in providing wraps for Exotic Vehicles, Luxury Cars and Trucks, Watercraft and Boats, Motorcycles, and Custom Builds. Provider of Paint Protection Film (ClearBra) and Headlight and Taillight tinting. All wraps are 100% removable

with prices starting at $3,200. 

Call us today for a FREE Consultation!


Click here to see our wrap video!

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